Anxiety treatment

Recovering from stress-related problems such as burnout, anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, sleep deprivation.

Due to a busy schedule, you often do not pay attention to signals that accumulate and lead to these problems.

You go on because you are not in touch with your body and your feelings. You live on autopilot.

You feel tired and exhausted and without energy. The head keeps spinning and your sleep rhythm is disturbed… Anxiety and worry are currently dominating your life. You feel tense and that is far away from your true, spontaneously self. What a relief to turn this situation around in time so that you can regain your strength: calm, confident, grounded with a renewed pleasure of enjoying yourself and life!

How do we handle this? On the massage table you first relax deeply, letting go of unnecessary tensions. Subtle movements bring you to rest, after which there is time to focus on your posture. As a result you will learn fairly quickly to empower yourself to naturally set your own limits and to be centered. You will enjoy using your body without unnecessary muscle effort or stress.

You will be amazed at how successfully you can apply this new approach to your daily activities; for example at your kitchen counter, behind the computer, during sports and other physical activities.

Furthermore hypnosis and meditation techniques also support our process to break faster and more efficiently habits that stand in the way of being a healthy and balanced person.

“At first it was quite confronting to discover how hard it was to feel myself! I've learned to slow down so I can feel more. Mentastics brings me so much more (body) awareness and as a result it brings me home again - I respect my limits more and experience more peace and energy. I had a habit of outdoing myself, which made me sick. After practicing Trager, I can now say with certainty: I have found my medicine! I'm so happy to find myself again!”

- Mildred G.