Discomfort during pregnancy

Get support during your pregnancy with pelvic floor pain, standing and walking, as well as back and shoulder pain making lying on your back difficult.

You are pregnant and have problems with the pelvic floor or you want to spoil yourself and the baby.

The Trager® Side Lying is a special method to let go of deep tensions and pain while lying on your side. Other muscle systems, nerves and blockages are also involved.

It is a special method that helps to let go of deep tension and pain. You feel after the Side Lying position how your body regains its balance and feels soft and light again.

Mentastics® helps you to maintain deep relaxation after the treatment and to further cure back problems. For pregnant women, Mentastics is a great tool to prevent problems in the pelvic floor and to stay in balance during the entire pregnancy.

Hypnosis can support you to relax during your pregnancy and while giving birth.

“I have experienced this side-lying treatment as very nice, special to feel how such small, subtle movements relax the muscles at a deep level so that standing, sitting and walking are smooth again. The qi is back in motion, the stiffness dissolves by letting gravity do the work. The stimulus to release the muscles through Reflex Response was also very nice. In addition, I always notice a lot in my body after you have done table work, as if everything has returned to its original place and then with lightness and airiness in the movement. I find it very special to notice how both the exercises and table work have an effect on my body and also on my mind, I often feel calmer, more cheerful after the treatment and experience ease when walking and standing.“

- Lia van der Plaat