The Trager® treatment

A very important part of my practice is the gentle, non-intrusive process of the Trager® Approach. It helps to release deep-seated physical and mental patterns, thereby enabling deep relaxation, increase physical mobility and mental clarity.

Dr.Milton Trager, the founder of the Trager® Approach called his method “psychophysical integration”. He discovered his talent as a gentle healer during his boxing career and was ahead of his time with insights into neuro-plasticity which is the connection between body and mind. With his special Reflex-Response method, a form of neuromuscular re-education, he helped thousands of people with hernia, polio, Parkinson disease etc. In his life, he supported top athletes, musicians and singers with his innovative scientific insights in preventing injuries and in delivering better performances.

A Trager® Treatment combines touch therapy on the massage table and Mentastics® movement re-education.

Gentle touch and specific movements helps body tensions, pain, stiffness and emotional blocks to be released. As a result, you experience deep relaxation. A new imprint is left in the nervous system of how deeply relaxed, stress and pain free you now can be.

Aside from being on the massage table you learn to stand and move in your natural alignment. You experience movements that your body needs in the moment. This anchoring ensures that you can incorporate the renewed beneficial experiences into your daily routine and support healing.

Experience a new quality of life: flexibility, life energy, peace and joy! Learn the art of moving effortlessly. Plus find support to deal with chronic pains, to maintain balance and grounding.