Mentasticslessen herfstbok I op woensdag - St.Padma - Middelburg

Introduktiedag tot OSHO meditatie voor de mens van nu

Zondag 13 November van 10 tot 17 uur

Weekly Mentastics class on the platform OIO

The meditation process: Remembering the Forgotten language of talking to your Body/Mind

From 24 to 30 October, from 4 pm tot 5 pm

Free trial on 22 October

SPD day 2022 refresh tutorial for Trager Practitioners

20 November 2022, in Amsterdam

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ZipZen takes part of "Work as meditation" in the Osho Meditation Resort

15 December to 25 January, Pune, India

Satsavya will provide Menstastics lessons, individual Trager sessions and Hypnosis workshops for the Osho Multiversity.

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OSHO Jump into Health Workshop - Body/Mind Integration with Mentastics, BMB and meditation

25 and 26 February 2023

Free trial: 20 February 2023

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Self hypnosis for meditation

From 12 to 18 March 2023, from 4pm to 5pm

Free trial: 10 March 2023

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