Trauma rehabilitation

Support your recovery process after physical trauma such as fractures, whiplash, sprains, recovery after chemotherapy such as breat cancer and psychological trauma, processing emotionally shocking experiences, abuse, addiction and long covid.

My respect and gentle touch for your body as well as Dr.Milton Trager’s methods have shown to be an effective combination in the fast recovery of all traumas including chemotherapy.

Physical and emotional trauma has a huge impact on body and mind and prevents you from living well. Focused attention goes to releasing compensations, tensions, restrictions that are stored in the connective tissue, muscles, joints and nervous system. The emotional impact of trauma such as fleeing or dissociation is replaced by beneficial experiences such as being grounded, coming home to yourself, openness and well-being.

With physical injuries such as fractures or sprains, your patience is quickly tested. After a fracture in your arm, leg or food, you want to get back on your feet quickly. A too hast approach causes inflammation, swelling nuisance in your muscles through compensation. Therefore your complete recovery takes longer.

Through the specific touch techniques, we first resolve the stored physical and/or mental trauma in a gentle way. I guide you so that you can ground yourself in your body again and use your body without compensation. This way you prevent discomfort and recover faster. The treatments even ensure that old traumas leave the body both physically and emotionally.

“After a triple leg fracture, I was slowly learning to become comfortable walking again. The compassionate treatment and support I received was caring and so insightful, it changed the way that I walk in a way that was so gentle, caring and supportive - allowing me to go through the shock and trauma that was in the body. Forever grateful for the genuine compassion and sharing. Prior to this I'd received more than 20 physiotherapy sessions, this approach was more insightful in the first session than in all the weeks I'd received from a 'regular' physiotherapist. I'm lucky to have received a depth of wisdom and understanding for my body which stays with me. Highly recommended - Forever grateful!"

- Omkar Patel