Body awareness workshops

In these workshops you get in touch with your body. In a playful way you learn to recharge your batteries, avoid unnecessary tensions and let yourself be surprised by the wisdom of your own intuition.

Your body is your temple and we sometimes forget that in these busy times.

With Mentastic’s body re-education you learn how to move naturally again and with the Body-Mind Centering® method we use our consciousness to touch, move, breath as well as meditate.

We embark on a special experiential journey into the uncharted territory of our bodies.

You will take a renewed healthy connection with your body and mind with you as well as keeping your balance in your daily activities.

”Feedback about this workshop: How well can you read humans? It was a beautiful and instructive day for me. I really do a lot of work out with my muscles, but after the subtle body work, I actually had a reaction in my muscles.. Very light and pleasant. New possibilities for my body posture. And certainly applicable in my work - Thank you very much for your wise personality. I can take this day with me... less is more, I will never forget!”

- Clarice Turner