Prevent injuries and achieve greater benefits in sports, playing music and physical work

Wouldn't it be cool to discover a different attitude in a variety of activities such as sports, music or any physical work? Preventing unnecessary muscle tension will help you to build up more energy, to prevent injuries and to increase your stamina in a pleasant way.

I will teach you to experience so much more energy, scope and ease with rediscovering your correct body posture and through conscious movement, in a variety of physical activities. You prevent injuries and increase your stamina during your work and avoid having to give up your passion, for example when playing an instrument due to frozen shoulder, tendonitis or knee problems when walking, running or playing tennis or voice fracture when singing.

As an example for the preparation for a marathoner, I teach you to use as little muscle tension as possible. So you build up energy while running instead of burning up. Therefore you will be at the start line feeling relaxed and ready at the peak of your own abilities instead of being burned from the fatigue of stress. This will give you an innovative experience while running as well.

“ZipZen Mentastics have made me physically stronger. I have almost never had back pain. I now recognize my limits more easily by feeling my body again! I integrate Mentastics into my work on a daily basis, which means that I have much less physical discomfort. I feel stronger, have more confidence in myself and feel more open. It also affects your psyche. I would recommend it to anyone.”

- V. Ricky - Nurse